DofStC is a band from Madison WI. We arrogantly describe ourselves as "a doomy Big Black" or "Godflesh playing Codeine songs". In reality, we're just two post-punk vets (ex-Tyranny Is Tyranny, United Sons of Toil, Droids Attack, Poor Man's Therapy) playing noisy slowcore. Drum-machine-driven rigidity and tension fuels heavy, unforgiving songs of lament. It's deliberate minimalism — avoidant and restricted — with extended passages of strangled tremolo picking and polished, effects-coated bitterness.

The opening track of Daughters Of Saint Crispin's debut EP, “Ex-Spies,” clocks in at just under 7 minutes, introducing us to the duo's sparse and refined approach to doom and post-hardcore. Driven by Madison post-punk and metal veterans Russell Hall and Pete Leonard, this music is a menacing, foreboding machine slowly clinking and crawling towards its victims. Replacing overly complex and technical doom with a drum machine and guitars that sound like a living rain cloud, Daughters Of Saint Crispin are fear personified. While the influence of Godlfesh and sludge-metal can leave tracks moving at a slow pace, a genre forte, the deliberate minimalism on the closing track “Head And Heart” is a skillfully crafted, slowly tightening noose. Halfway through the song, Hall's vocals screech through with a remorseful “Hold your head up high” again and again towards the end as their death march beats on. — Tone Madison